At our press event at the End of May, one of the brands who kindly supplied a promotional code to go into our goodie bags is a lovely brand called 20 Seventh Letter. We seriously want to fill our office up with aaaalll the cushions. We’d be silly not to.

20 Seventh Letter was founded in 2016 by April Christopher. After graduating in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trent University, April went on to work for a men’s accessories brand where she was exposed to an array of fabrics and archival designs.

The concept of 20 Seventh Letter was established whilst sat in the decorated woodland area at Glastonbury. April wanted to create a brand where the designs and colours were imaginative and playful, yet still had an element of sophistication to them.

The name 20 Seventh Letter is meant to represent a journey into the unknown; as there is no twenty seventh letter in the English alphabet, it opens up questions about what the twenty seventh letter would be and what it would look like, helping to spark your own imagination. Based in London, 20 Seventh Letter’s ethos is focused on making high quality products that are printed and made in the UK.

With a love for green and especially hot spaces, the first two 20 Seventh Letter animal collections have been influenced by botanical gardens and conservatories in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Each design features different animals that were originally inspired by decorative ceramics. All designs have been printed onto luxurious textured linen or cotton, adding an extra level of richness to each product, with each cushion filled with an oversized English duck feather filler.

Products are available online at and as well as in a selection of independent shops including The Turpentine in Brixton and &Hobbs in Shere.


Find out more about our press event here.