On the evening of Thursday 31st May 2018, we held our first ever press event – an intimate blogger meal – in the Oakley Room at The Phene in Chelsea, London. We invited our guests to get to know KASHKA, view our products and network with some serious girl-bosses. Here’s how the evening went.

We invited a selection of bloggers, each with their own interests and sense of style, to join us at our press event for a three course meal that was cooked up by the talented team at The Phene in Chelsea, London. To coin a phrase from one of the staff members at the venue, there was such an incredible mix of women in one room. It was an absolute pleasure getting to talk to them, discussing topics such as the royal wedding (it doesn’t get old, does it?), ethical fashion, the power of healing stones, dating and travel. In the 3 or so hours that we had with our guests, we covered a lot of ground.

After our guests had arrived to our press event and sipped on their welcome drinks, our Marketing Manager, Rosie, kicked off the evening in true KASHKA style with a welcome speech before introducing our founder, Naqiyah. Our guests enjoyed a scrumptious 3 course meal (plus delicious KASHKA K-upcakes made by The Little Burton Bakery) as they indulged in a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, prosecco and variety of wines.

The cocktails on the evening had the perfect blend of ingredients, alcohol and mixers, but the company we had was even better.

At the end of our press event, our guests were invited to take a KASHKA goodie bag that included gorgeous products and promotional codes that were kindly provided by Lux Felt London, 20 Seventh Letter, Tales of Thread, Stationery Treasure, Soothe Me and Boho Homes. We then surprised our guests by letting them choose a piece of jewellery for themselves to take home from the evening!


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