Lux Felt London has been created by a Mother and Daughter duo who decided to turn their dreams into reality.

One of their goals was to work in a place full of creativity, passion and mutual commitment; somewhere that they could use their skills and visions to create something special. Their first bags were designed in April 2017 and went on sale in September 2017 as the brand gained their first fans from a sophisticated mixture of tourists and locals at Greenwich Market in London. This is when it struck that they had created something special and unique for people who are not afraid of trying something new.

And so Lux Felt London was born!

Their team is made up of women from 3 generations who are strong and independent. You have the grandmother, Mirka, who works on the supplies; the mum, Renata, who focuses on the design and making; and last, but not least, the sisters, Magda – who spreads herself far and wide to go to markets, process orders, and help their customers – and Natalia and Idalia who are their trusty models and support at markets.

So, why do we love Lux Felt London? For us, there’s two reasons. Firstly, their products are unique and quirky (we want all of them) and, secondly (but most importantly, too), they are all made from Felt, which is a waterproof, light, shock-absorbing and durable material.

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