Demi-Fine jewellery. What exactly is it?

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So most people are aware of high jewellery, fine jewellery, costume jewellery and fashion jewellery – right? In case you are unfamiliar with these terms: “high” refers to being rare, those particular pieces that are made with the finest craftsmanship, and the finest of materials – the kind of jewellery you gaze at in awe through the window when walking down Oxford Street. “Fine” is 18 carat gold, placed with either precious or semi-precious stones, which can cost A LOT.

Then there’s “costume” these pieces tend to be flamboyant and is clever in the creation process, replacing precious stones with alternatives such as: glass, crystals and brass etc. Lastly, “fashion” the jewellery you quickly spot and buy in a high street store because you realise it might pair well with the dress you’re waiting for that work do.

However, we have skipped one last category that not many of you might have heard of… yet!

A rising category known as “demi-fine” hits the sweet spot right between fine and costume. You’re probably wondering how exactly? Well, demi-fine jewellery blurs the lines between the fine jewellery pieces and costume pieces. Whilst fine jewellery is typically crafted from precious metals and stones to be sold at high prices, often as a gift or to mark a special occasion, costume jewellery is usually made from pleated alloys and crystal, sold at lower prices as fashion accessories. Demi-fine jewellery sits on the fence somewhere in between by borrowing different elements from both categories, giving you the best of both worlds. Collectable, stackable and also expressive demi-fine jewellery allows you to bring in that little bit of luxury into your everyday style.

But – this part is important – demi-fine jewellery still has intrinsic value, incorporating precious and semi-precious gems alike, or simply by virtue of being made from precious metal, not just coated in it (unlike vermeil or gold plated pieces).

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, demi-fine jewellery offers contemporary designs crafted from gold plated silver and semi-precious gemstones marketed at reasonable prices. This offering seamlessly bridges the gap between high street jewellery and the aspiration for fine jewellery.